Thursday, April 17, 2008

The History Channel Collection - 320x240/3gp/AAC





Size: 243MB
Runtime: 01:30:21

Size: 126MB
Runtime: 00:45:02

Size: 134MB
Runtime: 00:45:17

Size: 83MB
Runtime: 00:43:21

Size: 128MB
Runtime: 00:44:24

Size: 262MB
Runtime: 01:29:34

Size: 248MB
Runtime: 01:27:44

Size: 157MB
Runtime: 00:48:41

4 more episodes in the process of being upload.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Worlds Sexiest Nude Women 2007 - 320x240/3gp/AAC

World's Sexiest Nude Woman 2007: You're invited to feast your eyes on stunning beauties from around the world. For these nude supermodels, perfection comes naturally. See amazing women photographed in the world's most exotic settings, from the South Pacific to the Caribbean tropics and the castles of Europe. These gorgeous naked models from all over the world include beauties from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, Thailand, Poland, France, Germany, Colombia, Philippines, Cambodia, and America. We guarantee you've never seen a show sexier than this!

The name says it all, nothing hardcore though.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

MiniMoni 1.01.03

Have you been thinking of lowering your data plan to save on your bill but had no idea how much data you were using (my data provider only tells me after the next billing cycle, which is completely useless if you want to do some budgeting)? Using MiniMoni you can track how much data you use per day and follow your personal daily limit.

MiniMoni measures the amount of data you use on your phone. The software creates logs that enables you to view the amount of data transfers from your phone to your provider. According to MiniMoni users it has an estimated average error rate of -10% of your official telecom bill. I think the error rate is understandable since providers often charge their customers as much as they can.

So far MiniMoni is working great on my blackberry and I've set it to keep my logs up to 90 days so I can compare and review my usage.

Main features:
  • Counts the IP traffic on GSM/GPRS/EDGE network in byte.

  • Scrolling graph to visualize the traffic of the last minutes.

  • Builds sums on a daily and a time period basis.

  • The day the period ends in the month is configurable.

  • A lot of functions can be configured in the preferences in particular to show in bytes or kbytes.

  • Maintains a daily and a period's logbook. Logbook entries can have user remarks.

  • You may switch on an alarm once a particular amount of traffic volume is reached in the period.

  • For devices with SD card the program can write the content of the logbook to SD.

  • Separate "Traffic watch" to observe the traffic for a limited period of time separately (Testing of an application etc.)

  • Supported languages are English, German and Italian.

  • Auto starts on device reboot and installation of new versions.

  • Tested and proved to work on different BlackBerry devices.

DTM Download:

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How Hitler Lost The War - 320x240/3gp/AAC

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