Sunday, June 29, 2008

Removing Quincy, Bug Report and Battery Report from os 4.5 Beta

Removing Quincy, Bug Report and Battery Report.

Since I have just tried this myself and it works, I will post up instructions for those who are interested. Proceed at your own risk!

Using Windows explorer, navigate to C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/RIMInternalTools-

Delete the following files:

  • net_rim_batterylog
  • net_rim_bugreport
  • net_rim_quincy
  • net_rim_quincy_ui
  • net_rim_quincy_config_std
  • net_rim_quincy_reports_new
  • net_rim_quincy_speech_icon

With your device connected, start up Desktop Manager (I'm using v4.5)
Click on Application Loader and then Add/Remove Applications. This should do a search for updated applications and then list everything installed onto your phone.

Click the Finish button at the bottom right. You SHOULD see a screen that shows the following files listed above will be removed from your handheld and then click OK. It will proceed to remove the files and then restart your Berry.

FYI: If you are going to install a beta OS there is an option to uncheck this before you hit finish on your Desktop Manager.

Thanks to AUtigers350z for the write up.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

BlackBerry OS for 8100, 8310, 8320, 8820

BlackBerry OS has been released.

Currently available for the 8100, 8310, 8320 and 8820 HERE.

Other versions on the way shortly.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Weeds Season 4 - 320x240/3gp/AAC

Weeds is about a single mother named Nancy who sells drugs for a living. After the death of her husband Judah she had no source of income and decided that was it. Now, in Season Four, with the embers of Agrestic smoldering, the family relocate to the fictional beach town of Ren Mar on the San Diego/Mexico border to set up shop with a new front biz that’s… pregnant with possibilities. With the help of her old friends and new partner Guillermo, Nancy will get even deeper in the shadier side of dealing.

Episode 1: Mother Thinks The Birds Are After Her

the fourth season debut, Nancy and family relocate to the border town of Ren Mar, where Andy’s father (and new landlord) awaits; interrogated by the DEA, Doug, Dean and Andy pin the entire grow operation on Celia.

Episode 2: Lady's a Charm

After settling her family in Ren Mar, Nancy turns her attention back to business. Later, Guillermo gives her a much-needed crash course in “running” across the border. Meanwhile, Celia gets further acquainted with life in prison. Lenny leaves Silas and Shane to care for Bubbie while he goes to the track. When Lenny returns, Andy confronts him about some family history.

Episode 3: The Whole Blah Damn Thing
(aired 6.30.2008)

Nancy makes her first successful smuggling run across the border with both drugs and human cargo. Meanwhile, Captain Till strikes a deal with Celia to get her out of jail. In return, she must gather evidence to incriminate Nancy and Guillermo. Back in Ren Mar, Andy tries to convince the family, including his father, to put Bubbie out of her misery.

Episode 4: The Three Coolers
(aired 7.07.2008)

After Bubbie’s death, the entire Botwin family sits shiva (the Jewish period of mourning) for seven days. After shiva, Nancy is sent on a mission and takes Andy along with her. Now that shiva is over and Bubbie is gone, Lenny decides to sell the house. Meanwhile, Celia continues her flirtation with Captain Till, and Doug finds refuge with the Botwins.

Episode 5: No Man is Pudding
(aired 7.14.08)

Guillermo gives Nancy a new job and she soon finds working retail isn’t as mundane as it appears on the surface. Celia’s deal with Captain Till brings her dangerously close to the action. Meanwhile, having been left in the desert by Nancy, Andy finds himself with a pack of immigrants and a very unfriendly Coyote. Back at home, the boys battle an infestation of bees.

Episode 6: Excellent Treasures
(aired 7.21.08)

Nancy follows the tunnel in the back of the maternity shop and sees something she shouldn't at the other end. Dean takes a new job, leaving Isabelle to live with Celia. Meanwhile, Silas flirts with Lisa, and Doug falls in love with a vision of beauty who washes up on the beach.

Episode 7: Yes I Can
(aired 7.28.08)

When Nancy is denied a share of the incoming pot by Guillermo, she decides to go over his head to Esteban. Celia discovers the cheap medication at Mexican pharmacies. Silas and Lisa get intimate, while Shane discovers some shocking photos. Andy and Doug begin interviewing for their human smuggling operation.

Episode 8: I Am the Table
(aired 8.04.08)

Esteban and Nancy's spontaneous date ends in near violence. Andy and Doug successfully smuggle their first customer across the border. Silas reveals to Lisa that he grows pot, and she offers to let him do business in the back of her store. Celia develops an addiction, while Shane makes a strong first impression during his first day at a new school.

Episode 9: Little Boats
(aired 8.11.08)

Despite their busy schedules, Nancy and Esteban try to find some time for each other. After finding out about Shane’s fantasies and Silas’s new and much older girlfriend, Nancy also has to talk to both of her sons. With their relationship going on, Lisa and Silas add some special offerings to her cheese shop.

Episode 10: The Love Circle Overlap
(aired 8.18.08)

Nancy discovers the tunnel is being used for more than drugs. Esteban allays her fears and her nagging headache with a powerful remedy. Celia’s family stages an intervention, forcing her into rehab. Andy locates Maria and brings her across the border to an awaiting Doug. At home, Silas babysits, while Shane explores virgin territory with his two new girlfriends.

Episode 11: Head Cheese
(aired 8.25.08)

Nancy must deal with the aftermath of Shane's exploits, her Ayuasca trip, and more confrontation with Guillermo. Celia's struggles with her rehab partner, Barry, force her to find a new rehab facility. Doug and Maria's relationship quickly goes south and they both turn to Andy for help. Meanwhile, Silas's "sandwich" business has grown too big, forcing him to turn to Nancy for help.

Episode 12: Till We Meet Again
(aired 9.08.08)

A fed up Nancy squeals to the DEA to bust the tunnel while she plays it cool with Esteban. Embracing rehab, Celia sets out to make amends with her family. Andy succumbs to Maria's advances, and later comes clean to Doug. Shane impresses his girlfriends with his drug scoring abilities.

Episode 13: If You Work For a Living, Then Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?
(aired 9.15.08)

The DEA brings Nancy in for questioning. Then she must explain things to Esteban. Celia travels deep into Mexico to make amends with estranged daughter Quinn. Meanwhile, Silas meets Lisa's ex-husband and Doug finds a reason to live. Nancy makes a shocking revelation to Esteban.

If you enjoy this show, please bookmarks this page as it will be updated weekly with new episodes as they are aired.

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American Gangster Season 2 - 320x240/3gp/AAC

Episode 1: Philly Black Mafia

Black Mafia was the most feared force in Philadelphia’s criminal Black underworld. One of the most ambitious criminal enterprises in the history of Black America, the group extorted, hustled, plundered and murdered with impunity. It also maneuvered skillfully through many worlds, shielding itself inside the Nation of Islam, conning politicians and other leaders, and devising multiple layers of protection and cover.

Episode 2: Larry Hoover

“King” Larry Hoover is the architect of Chicago’s largest and most powerful street organization, the Gangster Disciples. This installment presents a complex portrait of a complex man, including interviews with federal prosecutors, former associates of the Gangster Disciples, Larry Hoover’s son, his wife - and Hoover himself.

Episode 3: Melvin Williams

Before he was old enough to shave, “Little Melvin” Williams possessed a genius I.Q. and was a prodigy in the gambling haunts and alleyways along glittering Pennsylvania Avenue. His exploits helped inspire the hit series “The Wire.” On this episode of ‘American Gangster’ he tells his story, his way.

Episode 4: The D.C. Snipers

In October, 2002, the ‘D.C. Snipers’ introduced a new kind of terror to the US. public. For three weeks, the killers shot people at random - ordinary citizens doing the most mundane things - shopping, pumping gas, waiting for a bus. John Muhammad, 42, was a deranged dad on a mission to get back his kids. Lee Boyd Malvo, 17, was a homeless juvenile desperate for a father – who John Muhammad methodically transformed into a boy soldier.

Episode 5: Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas is the subject of a blockbuster movie, also titled "American Gangster," starring Denzel Washington as Lucas and Russell Crowe as the detective and prosecutor Ritchie Roberts, who helped bring him to justice. In this episode of BET's "American Gangster," Lucas faces the camera himself and tells his story – with an assist from the real Ritchie Roberts.

Episode 6: Felix Mitchell

Felix Mitchell, Jr. was Oakland, California’s first major heroin kingpin – and in 1986 he had the funeral to prove it. TV cameras rolled as Felix’s body was transported in a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of East Oakland before awestruck local residents, with 17 Rolls Royces following in procession. Twenty years later, rappers Too Short and Yukmouth, former rival Mickey Moore, former Oakland mayor Elihu Harris, and others help "American Gangster" revisit the life and times of Felix Michell Jr.

Episode 7: Jeff Fort and the Blackstone Rangers

Before there were Crips and Bloods, there were the Blackstone Rangers – and Jeff Fort was the group's leader. Starting as a small group of teens from the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago, the Rangers absorbed countless rival gangs based largely on Fort’s remarkable leadership and organizing abilities. In 1986, Fort was tried for promising to commit acts of domestic terrorism in return for money from Libyan dictator Moammar Khadafy. He was found guilty and sentenced to 80 years, which he’s currently serving in a maximum security federal prison.

Episode 8: Chaz Williams

In the 1970s, Charles “Chaz” Williams went well beyond traditional hustles by robbing over 60 banks in several states. Decades later, Chaz - or Slim as he is known on the streets - takes ‘American Gangster’ on a personal tour of his life’s journey, including how he continued his bank-robbing escapades after going to jail under the blanket protection of the prison work release program.

Episode 9: Rayful Edmond III

To many in his home town of Washington D.C., he was public enemy No. 1 during his 1980s reign as the city’s biggest cocaine and crack dealer. However, Rayful Edmond III says he was only trying to help his family live a better life and enjoy the finer things life had to offer.

Episode 10: Kenneth McGriff

Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff's long, strange journey led him to form a Queens-based drug ring, The Supreme Team. Once released from prison he became a friend and associate of music entrepreneur Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo, and re-invented himself as a movie producer with "Crime Partners," the first Goines novel to be made into a film, and featuring Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, and Ja Rule. However, his newfound career ended abruptly when he was charged and convicted for ordering deadly hits on two rivals, and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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Wallpaper Megaplex for BlackBerry

The very famous BlackBerry on-device wallpaper application called Wallpaper Megaplex.

Once installed, you'll have lifetime access to their growing collection of wallpapers properly formatted for the Blackerry (including the new Bold). Keep in mind you'll want to have a data plan on your BlackBerry.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 4.5 Officially Now Available! has now officially released BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.5. Definitely a good sign for the official release of OS 4.5 soon!

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BlackBerry OS for 8310, 8320

BlackBerry OS has been released.

Currently available for the 8310 and 8320 HERE.

Other versions on the way shortly.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Vista Today Theme 83xx/88xx


OS 4.2.2 or higher required.

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Free-Style Zen Theme 83xx/88xx


OS 4.2.2 or higher required.

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Pillar Today Theme 83xx/88xx


OS 4.2.2 or higher required.

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Christmas Zen Theme 81xx/83xx/88xx

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

BlackBerry OS for 8100, 8110, 8120, 8300, 8310, 8320, 8700, 8800, 8820

BlackBerry OS downloads are now available for 8100, 8110, 8120, 8300, 8310, 8320, 8700, 8800, 8820 HERE

*Links have been Updated*

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

BBC Hiroshima - 320x240/DivX/MP3

It was the defining moment of the 20th Century - the scientific technological military and political gamble of the first atomic attack. This drama-documentary attempts to do what no other film has done before - to show what it is like to live through a nuclear explosion. Set in the three weeks from the test explosion in New Mexico to the dropping of the bomb the action takes viewers into the room where the crucial political decisions are made; on board the Enola Gay; inside the bomb as it explodes; and on the streets of Hiroshima.

Size: 91MB
Runtime: 00:48:53

Episode 1:

Size: 95MB
Runtime: 00:49:06

Episode 2:

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Assorted Hip Hop Music Videos - 320x240/DivX/MP3/

Necro - F*ckin 50 B*tches (18+)
R.A. The Rugged Man - I Shoulda Never (18+)
Termanology-Watch How It Go Down

Tested and all play great on my Curve 8310.

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