Sunday, June 29, 2008

Removing Quincy, Bug Report and Battery Report from os 4.5 Beta

Removing Quincy, Bug Report and Battery Report.

Since I have just tried this myself and it works, I will post up instructions for those who are interested. Proceed at your own risk!

Using Windows explorer, navigate to C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/RIMInternalTools-

Delete the following files:

  • net_rim_batterylog
  • net_rim_bugreport
  • net_rim_quincy
  • net_rim_quincy_ui
  • net_rim_quincy_config_std
  • net_rim_quincy_reports_new
  • net_rim_quincy_speech_icon

With your device connected, start up Desktop Manager (I'm using v4.5)
Click on Application Loader and then Add/Remove Applications. This should do a search for updated applications and then list everything installed onto your phone.

Click the Finish button at the bottom right. You SHOULD see a screen that shows the following files listed above will be removed from your handheld and then click OK. It will proceed to remove the files and then restart your Berry.

FYI: If you are going to install a beta OS there is an option to uncheck this before you hit finish on your Desktop Manager.

Thanks to AUtigers350z for the write up.


Bob Garon II said...

What is the benefit of doing this?

Also I thought RIM upgraded the BIS this weekend. I don't have HTML email. I thought I would.

Does anyone else?

Bob Garon II said...

What is the Quincy anyway?

R.P. said...


Quincy is a debugging system that sends and processes reports to RIM whenever certain device events occur.

The obvious benefit of it's removal would be keeping your activities on your BB private from RIM when installing and using the OS 4.5 Beta(s).

R.P. said...


To get the HTML email option working, if you're on BIS try logging into you carrier specific BIS site and re-send your service books.

Or you could use the "E-mail Setting" icon on your BB and log into your BIS that way.

Bob Garon II said...

Of course I've already done all that as well as re-registering on the HRT.

I also selected the HTML to be active in the Email Settings menu.

Bob Garon II said...

Ok I installed the .46 and now it works perfect.

I LOVE this new DM as well. It does everything for you when it updates. It even puts on my prior theme that I had before.


R.P. said...


I've heard users who have .44 installed having HTML email enabled, so not sure why you didn't get the functionality until .46.

I noticed that with themes too! When installing the default carrier theme shows for a bit, but once everything is loaded up and in order the chosen theme is back in effect.

Bob Garon II said...

By the way this delete of Quincy and such does not work on the .46 as well as DM 4.6.

I tried several times.

Anonymous said...

I'm using DM 4.6 and .46 and was able to delete Quincy, etc. I used the instructions listed and it worked perfectly.

Shusei said...

you can just go to add/remove prog and uninstall the rim internal app before upgrading. then dm will only install the core software.

R.P. said...

Weird, I just installed the newer 1 file build of .46 on a friend of mine from works 8310 and it never even installed a :RIMInternalTools: to the hard drive.

Corrina said...

THANK YOU for this post! I hate Quincy on my phone and I hate the daily emails of crap I don't care about being sent to me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

JRContreras said...

Easier, and safer, way to remove Quincy, is go to Control Panel > Add & Remove Programs, and uninstall RIM Internal Tools

JRContreras said...

Easier, and safer, way to remove Quincy, is go to Control Panel > Add & Remove Programs, and uninstall RIM Internal Tools

daniel said...

i am using and have had no real problems with it.
What are the advantages if any of the

daniel said...

I dont have the "rim internal tools" listed in the add/remove programs list. I am currently loadin the new o.s. and will try the instructions listed above to remove quincy.

daniel said...

Never found the rim internal tools nor did i find the files listed above to remove quincy.
I am confused???

R.P. said...


From what I've gathered, the newest release build of apparently doesn't come packaged with the RIMInternalTools in the installer.

If you don't have it, no worries. This is for people that might encounter it with other builds.

Ivan M said...

pm me ivanmor AT the G place...

I am looking for the .46 or newer, I got the .42 from here, but see no .46 for the 8300!

Thanks a million! Everything seems to be working except for the ODD lock up here and there! thinking the newer build might help!

Awesome guys!! hope RIM catches up soon!