Monday, June 16, 2008

Free-Style Zen Theme 83xx/88xx


OS 4.2.2 or higher required.


Rosien_HoH said...

Do you have the .thm file?
i would like to edit the spacing or the font in the messages folder. it's having an issue. i cant read anything because the font is larger than the space it is in.

Anonymous said...

version 3 has a weather slot which looks like the windows weather gadget.

the weather icon should be placed in the 1st position in the application menu.
and will appear where ‘maps’ is in my screenshot.

the hidden today will appear just under the weather gadget.
its about 20 characters wide to match the width of the weather gadget.
i cant get the today area to work in my simulator, but its set up properly. it should be there. let me know if it works or not and i will try to fix it if it dont.

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