Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hitler's War On America 320x240/3gp/AAC

It seems these days you can't discuss anything to do with history or warfare or the history of warfare without framing it by the events of 9/11. In the case of Adolf Hitler's deep hatred of the United States during the Second World War, however, there is an eerie parallel between his plans to strike New York City and the Twin Tower attacks in 2001.

In this ceaselessly fascinating German documentary - an absolute must-see for all armchair war buffs - Hitler's desire to strike at the heart of America is vividly detailed by contemporary interviews and a remarkable array of rarely seen archival footage, much of it in colour. As far back as 1937 Hitler was shown a full-scale mock-up of an aircraft that could take the war to the US. Like many Messerschmitt designs, the ME 264 (or America Bomber) was way ahead of its time, its primary purpose being to inflict psychological damage on the American war effort.

Size: 107MB
Runtime: 00:52:00