Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cops Season 21 - 320x240/AAC/MP4

Episode 1: Back to Broward Special Edition
(aired 9.06.08)

The beginning of season 21 finds the series back where it began, with the Broward Sheriff’s Office. First up, the officers chase down a hit and run driver. A long run ends with a ramming, followed by an investigation of the vehicle which uncovers a machete. Next, a known drug area finds a man on a bicycle who tries to flee. A search reveals cocaine on a man who is on probation. Lastly, officers are responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle near a business. The driver begins to flee as officers arrive. An investigation uncovers a bleary-eyed man behind the wheel who claims to be sleeping, yet a bag of white powder gives the officers another idea.

Episode 2: What a Sap Special Edition
(aired 9.06.08)

Palm Beach County Sheriff's witness a speeding car in a drug infested area. Having stopped them in a pursuit, the driver angrily exits his vehicle to ask why he was stopped. He jumps back in his car and speeds off beginning a new chase in which a passenger bails out. The female is the drivers boyfriend which is only discovered after a long inquiry. She reveals he has a vial of crack inside the car. Next, a Spokane Police officer is called to a possible domestic call on the street. Looking up and down the road the officers discover a man standing under a tree in which a female is up in the tree. They find out that the woman often climbs the tree when upset with family problems. Then, a Rialto Police officer spots a drug transaction taking place. The men claim they are construction workers headed to purchase supplies, but a bag of crack on the floor has the officer in doubt.

Episode 3: Stupid Behavior #3
(aired 9.13.08)

The Palm Beach County Sheriff Officers vice unit have set up a sting operation, using a pair of undercover officers in a pickup truck as buyers. The first seller takes the officers straight to a drug house to sell their crack. The suspect is quickly arrested after lighting up his crack on the way home. The second deal happens when a young man offers to sell the officers crack and asks them to join him for a smoke behind a gas station. Then, an officer in Las Vegas is summoned when a restaurant claims a man refused to pay his $400 bill. He is trapped by the manager and a waiter. The suspect first claims his friend paid the tab and then changes his story and says he paid the bill himself. The man is arrested when it's discovered he has warrants and now can add the unpaid bill to the charges. Lastly, an officer in Palm Beach has stopped a car for a tint violation. Lowering his window, a cloud of marijuana smoke billows out from the car and a small amount of crack and cocaine is also discovered.


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