Monday, May 12, 2008

Precision 9000 Zen Theme 81xx/83xx/88xx




Bob Garon II said...

Would you please be so very kind as to make a Today version of this with Messages, BB Messenger and Calendar on it?

Thank you very, very much! :)

KARENA said...

I'm sorry, i know this may sound really stupid. I'm a newbie w/ BB and I downloaded this, but have no idea how to upload it or transfer it to my pearl to get it to work.

any help would be much appreciated!

Bob Garon II, IKFF said...

Is there a Today + version of this yet?


JA said...

im also new with bb i downloaded this and im not sure how to upload it to my pearl either, if i can get some help it would be much appriciated.

Matthew said...

I also am new at uploading these on to my 8320 BB can someone lend me a helping hand

ngo said...

- Hidden today plus
- Hidden top icon dock
- Fixed bottom banner dock with analog gauge design
- Analog-style battery meter an signal meter
- Center banner slot for your favorite icon - weathereye, meterberry, etc. Your FIRST icon will be displayed here
- 'Flight' gauge for QuickLaunch (not included, must purchase separately)
- All banner gauges are clickable! Battery gauge powers off, signal meter brings up 'Manage Connections'
The link below is an OTA link. Load theme page from your Blackberry Browser, navigate to the OTA link you want, select it and follow the instructions. You will not be able to install thru DM.

Click download free themes blackberry 9000