Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MaxMem - Free Memory Optimizer

Frees up to 5MB of memory on your BlackBerry no matter what the type! Not only does it release memory, you will also feel a slight increase in response time. MaxMem will remove apps, themes, and files in your BlackBerry that you don’t use.

It does remove Voice Dialing, Push to talk, and quite a few other pesky applications.

You can find the OTA download link and get the installation guide at


Anonymous said...

OTA link dont work..!

R.P. said...

Seems to work now, try refreshing the apps page.

AbandonedMuse said...

exactly which os versions are not working with it? i run the on a t-mobile 8320 titanium curve

Robert said...

I am using MemoryUp Pro from It works great for my BB storm.