Friday, July 25, 2008

Mind Of Mencia Season 4 - 320x240/AAC/MP4

Mind of Mencia is a sketch-comedy series that stars Carlos Mencia. Carlos has a unique take on the world around him. By watching Mind of Mencia you take a journey into his mind and realize quickly that he takes no prisoners picking on every race and cultural in the book. Hate him or love him, either way this self-described “beaner” is back for his fourth season with a new intro and a new stage.

Episode 1:
(aired 5.21.08)

Season four begins with Mencia acting as host of a children's show in a third world country. Also, a police officer who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Episode 2:
(aired 5.28.08)

Episode 3:
(aired 6.04.08)

Mencia pays homage to a gay man living in a small town. Also, ideas of how to make women happy.

Episode 4:
(aired 6.11.08)

A new crime syndicate arises after the price of rice increases. Then, a debate between teen and elderly arises over how tough it was to be a child.

Episode 5:
(aired 6.18.08)

Features ideas concerning the housing crisis. Also, a person on the street interview with the citizens to see what they would do if they were elected president.

Episode 6:
(aired 6.25.08)

Mencia speaks on how to handle being invited to a gay wedding. Also, Mencia's opinion on emo music, and a special appearance by Cheech Marin.

Episode 7:
(aired 7.02.08)

An examination of the Jewish culture with Robert Schimmel, and Mencia explains what he loves about the USA. Also, a fitting tribute for the late, great George Carlin (1937-2008).

Episode 8:
(aired 7.09.08)

Mencia tries to help politicians, celebrities and his own family by traveling back to the past in a time machine. Also, a trip to a racially themed amusement park.

Episode 9:
(aired 7.16.08)

This episode features Mencia reading his hate mail on stage. Also, interviews are conducted on the street to see if citizens will speak ill of the dead.

Episode 10:
(aired 7.23.08)
The season finale finds crime fighting superheroes who are handicapped. And Mencia sings the blues about the elderly black men.


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"You have been reported to the MPAA and Blogger for internet piracy and DMCA violations. Remove all copyrighted materials and links immediately to prevent legal action."

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yeah, so u got told!! :lol:

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