Wednesday, July 2, 2008

qSMS - Free Keyboard Shortcut To Compose SMS

I know quite a few people who have asked if there was a keyboard shortcut to send an SMS message. Just like you can hit ‘C’ to compose an email.

qSMS is a simple application that assigns a keyboard shortcut for text messages and allows you to use the ‘Q’ as a shortcut to compose an SMS!

NOTE: Please backup your BlackBerry before trying this application!!!

UPDATE: Apparently it's not working for some with OS 4.5 Beta.

You can download it in the Apps section OTA by loading on your device.


FTWrath said...

I tried finding your email but couldn't get anything.
I was wondering if you'd like to affiliate.
Let me know man. I visit your site often and thought ours would work well together.

Anonymous said...

It works on .48 but the Q button doesnt work have to click the icon but its still a saver.

yaqui said...

codcc, same here, i run .42 and Q doesn't trigger it.

Lloyd said...

Running .46 on a 8320 and it works great

ftg said...

Does not work on .42 on 8300..
Heh I run blackberry website as well. I have a rescue pack of an all in one applications install pack. Have a look if you feel like.


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Anonymous said...

Ayoub said... - BlackBerry Community.

admin said...

qSMS is really helpful for me to compose SMS fastly.. nice tips tanks..

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